Remote Controls

Remote Controls

Finding the right Remote Controls

Misplaced your remote, or has it become a chew toy for the dog? ????

At Teleray, we stock an extensive collection of remotes for Plasma, LCD, LED, and Smart TVs. Utilizing our vast database of remote equivalents, we can provide you with an identical replacement. Just share your TV’s make and model number, and we’ll ensure you get the perfect match.

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TV Remote replacements

All we require is your TV make and model number, and we can supply an original remote for your TV. We supply all brands, for flat screen or smart TVs.

DSTV Remotes

We carry replacement remote controls for all DSTV decoder models, including EXPLORA, HD PVR, and ULTRA.

Universal Remotes

In case the original is unavailable, we have a selection of universal remotes in stock.

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