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Welcome to Teleray, your trusted experts in Cell Phone Signal Boosters. With a rich legacy of expertise, we specialise in delivering cutting-edge solutions to enhance your cellular connectivity. Discover a world of seamless communication with Teleray, where our commitment to excellence ensures that you stay connected anytime, anywhere.

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More About Cell Phone Signals

Cell phone signals operate at very high frequencies, typically ranging between 700 and 5000 MHz. These high-frequency signals are susceptible to various factors, including distance to towers, terrain, and obstacles such as trees, thick walls, glass, roofs, and buildings.

While cell phone companies strive to provide maximum signal strength in densely populated areas and along national roads, achieving 100% coverage is often impossible. In addition to carrying voice signals, cell phone signals also transmit data (internet) in the forms of 3G, 4G LTE, and 5G.

The installation of a cell phone signal booster involves capturing a weak signal, often from the roof, amplifying it, and internally distributing it using strategically placed indoor aerials. This process creates zones with a reliable and strengthened signal for improved communication and data connectivity.

Cell phone companies try to give a maximum signal to highly populated areas and national roads; however, it is impossible always to give 100% coverage. Apart from, the voice signal, the cell phone signal also carries data (internet) in the form of 3G 4G LTE &5G.

The cell phone signal booster installation will take a weak signal, generally from the roof, boost (amplify) it and distribute it internally using indoor aerials strategically placed to create zones of good signal.

Scenarios for Cell Phone Signal Booster Installations

You might find that one of these scenarios is similar to your cell phone signal issue. We can help identify and implement the perfect solution for you.

Scenario 1 - Farmer

A farmer residing in the remote countryside, situated 15-20 km away from the nearest cell tower, previously had to walk to a spot 40 meters away from his farmhouse for a stable cell phone signal. We successfully addressed and resolved his signal issue.

Scenario 2 - Bush Restaurant

A remote bush restaurant was losing customers who wanted to swipe their credit cards due to weak and inconsistent data from cell towers. Waiters had to walk outside to get a signal. Teleray stepped in and installed a cell booster, effectively enhancing both data and voice signals, ensuring a more reliable and consistent connection for the restaurant.

Scenario 3 - Game Lodge

A game lodge catering to overseas guests faced an issue at the game viewing “watering hole” restaurant. Guests were attempting to capture live footage on their phones and share it with friends overseas, but the signal was poor, causing the signals not to go through. Teleray stepped in and resolved the problem by installing a cell booster, ensuring improved connectivity for guests to share their experiences seamlessly.

Scenario 4 - Quarry Vehicle Tracking

A large quarry in Knysna faced an issue with data-tracking devices on all trucks. The trucks would ‘disappear’ within the quarry due to a lack of signal. Teleray intervened and installed a booster with wide coverage. As a result, the trucks are now consistently visible to the tracking device, resolving the problem effectively.

Scenario 5 - Bank Cell Data

A highly popular bank that relies on cell data to operate its systems was facing challenges, particularly slow data speeds during load shedding. Additionally, clients were not receiving the ‘pin’ sent to them. Teleray provided a solution by installing a cell booster, effectively addressing the issues and improving both data speed and message delivery for the bank and its clients.

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